Technical Documentation

It’s a discipline from which most shy away. But with our many years of working experience in the industrial manufacturing segment, we jump in, roll up our sleeves, and get the job done for you. Whether your technical documents need development, modification, or multiple language translations, we complete the task in the format you need, all while working with your staff to ensure we meet your expectations and compliance with industry and excellence standards.

Projects Include but are not Limited to:

• Diagnostic guides/manuals
• Installation instructions
• Instructor guides/manuals
• Maintenance/service manuals
• Owner’s/operation manuals
• Parts manuals
• Service/technical bulletins
• Student guides/manuals
• Training manuals
• Troubleshooting guides/manuals
• Bills of materials
• Engineering drawings
• Product photography

Your project is our project from day one. BGI’s team of experts work closely with your engineers, product managers, and marketing and sales staff to ensure projects comply with your expectations, standards of excellence as well as industry standards. Our experts begin with your source documents in a variety of formats and develop the technical documentation to fit your company’s needs. BGI’s team reads and verifies bills of materials, compares them with engineering drawings and can manipulate drawings to fit manuals and bulletins, all while using the most streamlined and efficient practices to meet industry standards.


  • Build graphs and charts from Excel files
  • Build manuals
  • Reflow text, illustrations, and charts in manual format
  • Translate technical and scientific documents into multiple languages
  • Create searchable Excel files
  • Create searchable PDFs

• Modification of a variety of engineering drawings including:
 — Cutaways
 — Exploded-view parts illustrations
 — Maintenance and repair illustrations
 — Wiring diagrams