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The BGI Advantage

Professionals with over 65 years of combined experience in the automotive, truck, and heavy duty vehicle industry who:

  • Have simultaneously managed tens of thousands of part images for multiple automotive, truck, and heavy duty parts manufacturers for more than 10 years.

  • Can work closely with your company to identify problem areas in your digital assets while implementing cost-effective storage, retrieval, and delivery of industry standard part images to your trading partners.

  • Do all the work that keeps you compliant! We process your images within PIES standards and deliver them to your multiple trading partners in the most cost and time-efficient manner.

  • Can store, manage and distribute all of your digital assets including part images, videos, packaging images, training materials, pdfs and more.

  • Work with you to determine what parts require images and other digital assets through missing data reporting.

  • Ensure you have the best photography for your parts.

  • Resolve issues with asset discrepancies.

  • Stay up to date with industry trends regarding the growing need for increased types of digital assets requested or required by your trading partners.

In managing your digital assets we can:

  • Analyze your current digital assets and assist you in creating a library in compliance with industry or client specific standards.

  • Create an individualized plan for you to achieve 100% image coverage.

  • Edit images, create status reports and individual product line specific libraries, distribute images within client specifications, and move obsolete parts from your active library to a permanent historical archive, using your established brand standards.

  • Track distribution of your images and related assets.

  • Track your progress towards 100% coverage of your product line with missing images reports and communicate directly with your trading partner to review missing images reports from their systems.

  • Store single product images or multiple views for all your part numbers. There’s no need for duplication of images over multiple libraries or in multiple files. We download files, automatically, in any format required by your trading partner.

  • Help with your photography needs. BGI has professional working relationships with a variety of photographers or we can locate photography services in your area.

  • You have the option of photographing the products in your warehouse or shipping products to our warehouse for storage, tracking and delivery to a local photographer. We re-palletize and ship the product back to you when the photography is completed.

BGI is a small business, nationally certified by the NWBOC, National Women Business Owners Corporation.

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