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Portfolio - E-Commerce Support

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BGI can have your products photographed uniformly, with special attention paid to part numbers and variations in color or size.

Bendix brought us this project. It contained hundreds of outdated product images. We brought the flattened files up to PIES Standard by isolating the parts, cloning out all arrows and text and separating different views into appropriately named files. Avoiding re-shooting, and reshipping these parts really saved the budget.

No matter what the size of your e-commerce project is, we can keep track of it for you. We can even host your database online so you have immediate access to your files, and can distribute to dealers if needed.

When BGI updates a PhotosPlus™ database, we also offer automatic image distribution. Just provide us with your vendor information and we will send either files electronically or via DVDs in the mail. Your distributors will have updated images as soon as they are available, every time.

BGI maintains dedicated servers to store image libraries. See PhotosPlus™. Your images will be created, labeled, organized, stored and distributed worldwide, according to industry standards.

Manuals and other technical documentation often get misplaced. Searchable PDFs make it easy for you to provide support online, with live links directly to websites that can provide customers with more information or a place to purchase the exact products recommended.

BGI is a small business, nationally certified by the NWBOC, National Women Business Owners Corporation.

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