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BGI designs fundraiser stationery sets and advertising. We keep the focus on the cause by keeping the theme consistent across each event.

Leave your organization's goals in your supporter's hands. BGI will help you state your goals and edit your images and text into a clear and compelling brochure to help reach your goals.

Get all your participants in the same time frame. Have BGI layout a detailed and orderly schedule to help the season go smoothly.

BGI is great at swag. Generate some goodwill at your next event by giving away custom & fun promotional items.

Is there a big blank space in your office? Recognize or inspire with some custom posters. BGI generates concepts, edits photos, layouts text and has them printed and shipped. Let us know your budget and we will do all we can to help.

BGI is a small business, nationally certified by the NWBOC, National Women Business Owners Corporation.

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