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Digital Assets Management with PhotosPlus™
PhotosPlus™ is a digital assets management system designed for businesses of all sizes in the automotive and truck aftermarket. With the PhotosPlus™ system, we can process, store and retrieve an infinite number of part-related files, including part images, packaging images, MSDS sheets, installation instructions, training materials, line art, graphics, logos, videos, etc. PhotosPlus™ ties all of these items to a specific part number.

The PhotosPlus™ Advantage

  • A repository for your digital assets is created in PhotosPlus™ and you can share these assets with whomever you choose. A specific trading partner profile within the system ensures that your trading partners always receive digital assets exactly the way they expect and require them.

  • There’s no need to purchase digital assets management software that may require extensive technical support and additional staff to set up and maintain. BGI gets you up and running with our in-house software and digital assets experts.

  • Unlike prepackaged digital management software that forces your products into a pre-defined box, we at BGI use a hands-on, human approach. With PhotosPlus™ we capture, define, and work with all the nuances that make your product stand apart from the rest.

  • Any number of client profiles can be stored in PhotosPlus™. Some of our digital assets clients have more than 50 trading partners who receive regularly scheduled updates in the formats they require for their internal systems, websites, or e-catalogs. Your customers determine their profile and we deliver the assets within those specifications.

  • Part-specific digital assets are managed within PhotosPlus™ based on your part numbers. The data-to-part image relationship is established with a flexible hierarchy tailored to your needs.


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