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Our Clients Account Management Quality Control Electronic Approval System

You're Part of the Plan
An experienced BGI account manager carefully tracks all incoming projects. We keep clients up to date through face-to-face meetings, teleconferences, and BGI's Electronic Approval System (EAS).
These are the communication tools we use to make sure every project stays on track.

New Job Acceptance Form
The account manager summarizes project information on this form, including company and contact information, the project description, and key dates.
Our administration assistant enters the project into our job tracking computer system and assigns it a tracking name and number.

Job Status Work Log
The Job Status Work Log is used to track all project activity.
Associates summarize all work activity associated with a project and initial each entry. Anyone can pick up a  job folder at any time and determine where the person last working on the project left off. At the end of a project, we archive Job Status Work Logs with the project records and maintain them for a period of time.

Time and Item Daily Analysis
Each BGI associate completes a Time and Item Daily Analysis form and turns it in daily to our administrative assistant who records the time in Timeslips, our job tracking software. The main function of this form is to track and record all associates' work, billable and non-billable. It keeps us efficient, accountable, and on track.

BGI is a small business, nationally certified by the NWBOC, National Women Business Owners Corporation.

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