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In 1986, we took our experience in industrial manufacturing and graphic design,
put the two together and started BGI. From that point until now we've been
dedicated to our customers and our employees, meeting their needs in ways that
work best for everyone. We want your satisfaction today and ten years from now
and we'll work hard to get it.

Creativity rules. Granted, successful marketing and communication involves
knowing your numbers and making sure they grow. But how do you get there?
By showcasing your value. BGI partners with you, does our homework and
determines what sets your business apart. Then we make your value shine.
We set your brand, product, or service apart from the competition and in front of your target market.

We provide results-driven marketing materials that take you to tomorrow and beyond. For some companies that is a well-designed catalog. For others, its a full-scale product rollout at a multi-million dollar trade show.

BGI has created winning materials for small machine shops, community organizations and Fortune 500 companies. We are as comfortable working side-by-side with international companies like Honeywell, FRAM Filtration and Parker as we are with local start-ups and non-profit organizations.

With BGI, its about you and where you want to go.

BGI is a small business, nationally certified by the NWBOC, National Women Business Owners Corporation.

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